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Artificial Intelligence software is making a big impact on the way online businesses are operating. In today’s world, your either using AI software tools to increase productivity or you’re getting left behind in the past.

AIgeeked provides AI business software reviews of AI tools & software that will help you increase your business’ productivity levels by 10X or more.

We provide insightful AI software reviews of the most powerful artificial intelligence business tools you can leverage to grow your business online in 2024.

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AI Business Software Reviews

AIgeeked reviews artificial intelligence (AI) business tools for marketing automation and content creation.

AI Image Generator.

The use of an AI image generator tool makes it easy and fast to create original, high quality images for your online business.

AI Marketing.

Today AI marketing automation tools allows businesses to automate email marketing, social media marketing and AI search engine marketing.

AI Text Generator.

With the help of AI text generation tools business owners and digital marketers can quickly create professional, optimized content 10X faster.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence involves the development of computer systems that can mimic human intelligence through various techniques, including machine learning with digital neural networks.

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AI Business Software

Leverage AI Business Software & Productivity Tools to Grow Your Online Business and Increase Content Production up to 10X

On AIgeeked we explain how to grow your online business by leveraging the functionality of AI tools for business. This includes AI text generators which help with content creation, AI Image generators and AI marketing tools that will help you with digital marketing automation.


“ AIgeeked is an excellent resource for online businesses looking to leverage Artificial Intelligence software for rapid business growth. I found AI business tools for content writing and image creation that helped me grow my business more quickly. ”

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My Story​

My name is Benjamin Ogden and I’ve been working in online marketing since 2001. Needless to say a lot has changed since then.

I created in November of 2022 to teach entrepreneurs about AI software tools for small businesses, enterprise organizations, bloggers, marketing agencies and social media influencers.

Today, ranking websites in Google by using SEO alone is still infinitely more complex than search engine optimization was when I first started doing it in 2001. Now there are fantastic AI SEO tools to help satisfy users’ search intent such as Surfer SEO for example.

Competition has increased ten fold too, adding further complexity to what it takes to run and market an online business successfully in 2024.

Fortunately for you, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence there are now a number of great AI tools that you can use to promote and grow your blog, ecommerce website or content creator business online.

I created AIgeeked to help business owners and digital marketers learn about the various AI business tools available in 2024. Take Jasper AI and Jasper Art for example. These two AI content creators are changing the game of design and marketing.

On I will tech you how to use these AI powered tools and AI software platforms to the benefit of your website so it gets more traffic, better conversions, and so your business becomes successful.

You’ve certainly heard about ChatGPT by now. But there’s lots of interesting facts and data on ChatGPT that I have gathered and put on this ChatGPT Statistics page on which reports new Chat GPT stats and GPT-4 Statistics and GPT-5 Statistics as they become available.

It’s still a very new technology in terms of us/the public having access to it and we’re lucky to be living in these times. I’m as excited about life as I possibly can be and part of that is the exciting artificial intelligence revolution we are beginning. This is what inspired me to build AIgeeked after all. I’m also currently building GPT-powered AI SEO tools on my B2B SEO company

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