AI Tools for Business

AI Text Generator Tools for Business

AIgeeked has researched the internet and compiled a list of powerful AI text generator tools for business here. If you want to create AI generated blog posts, SEO titles & descriptions, social media posts, long form content and sales emails you need to look no further than the tools in this guide.

These are the best artificially intelligent text generators available on the web today. AI powered content creation tools should play a key role in your AI SEO strategy by helping you develop topical authority for your website. They produce high quality content in minutes.

You should use the content they generate as a starting point to build on, add originality to, and deliver value and usefulness to your site’s readers. is a cool AI SEO tool that helps you create search optimized content that will ranks higher in the search engines. Frase is kind of like Surfer SEO in the sense it helps you optimize your web content better with the use of AI technology. Except that also offers you AI content generation tools whereas Surfer is strictly and AI SEO tool that focuses on semantic keyword optimization and content targeting opportunities.

Google provides powerful AI tools that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. AI for Business is another great AI service available from Google.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI, formerly Jarvis, makes it easy to write SEO content, copywriting and even create images 10X faster.
Jasper AI


WordHero helps you create AI generated text in one click. Create quality blog posts, social media posts & emails in seconds.


NeuralText AI

The all-in-one content marketing platform that saves you time and money. SEO content optimization tool for blogs.

NeuralText AI

Rytr AI

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content at a fraction of the cost! Great for Blogs, Instagram Posts, SEO Titles and more.​
Rytr AI

Write long form blog posts and SEO copy 10x faster, engage your audience, & never struggle with writers block again. Get started for free today.

Frase is an AI text writer that helps you write website copy and blog posts in minutes instead of hours. Create professional content optimized for SEO.

AI Tools for Images/Videos

AI tools can be a powerful tool for businesses that are looking to make the most of their images, videos and art. AI image and AI art tools enable small businesses to create content with increased accuracy, speed and optimization while reducing errors. AI video tools aid by providing business operators a smooth transition into AI powered production, customizing videos to individual’s tastes without requiring any manual work or precision.

AI tools for businesses also provide an amazing opportunity for digital marketing, as AI-based technologies allow automated and personalized campaigns at great efficiency in timeframe and cost.

AI is becoming increasingly commonplace in business operations so choosing the right AI tool should come down only to finding AI tools which suit your businesses needs. If you are looking for AI image generators and/or AI video generators/editors try these highly recommended artificial intelligence powered art/video creators for business below.

Jasper Art is the best AI art tool based on my experience testing out most of the Jasper alternatives.

Jasper Art

The Jasper AI art generator is the latest tool from Jasper. It turns whatever you can image into images within seconds.
Jasper AI

Murf AI

Murf is one of the most impressive text to voice generation software tools to create real human voices for videos & podcasts.​
Murf AI

Craiyon offers a completely free-to-use AI Image Generator based on an model called “DALL-E mini”.

Craiyon AI Image Tool


Hotpot is a robust AI tool with a suite of image creation features. Hotpot offers an AI art generator, headshot generator, photo upscaler and more.
Hotpot AI

Canva Image Editor

Create text to image pictures with the Canva AI image generator. Canva is a feature rich design editing tool powered by artificial intelligence.

Create videos from plain text in minutes. Synthesia is the #1 rated AI video creation platform. Create videos in 65 languages and save up to 80%.
Synthesia AI