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Hello there, my name is Benjamin Ogden and I’ve been creating and marketing online businesses since 2001.

I created AIgeeked.com in 2022 to help people grow their business through the use of artificial intelligence powered business tools for content creation and marketing automation.

An AI revolution is coming and its changing the world already.

My first mission with AIgeeked is to help AI content creators learn about the best AI software for businesses, marketing agencies, ecommerce stores, bloggers and social influencers.

I provide in-depth reviews and statistical analysis to educate you so you can make informed decisions about if, when and how to use artificial intelligence in your business workflows.

Today’s online marketplace is uber competitive. Everyone’s level of knowledge and skills is incredibly high since there are all kinds of great YouTube videos that people can view to learn about building and marketing their online business.

My second mission with AIgeeked is to become the world’s leader in AI business software reviews.

Fortunately there are now powerful AI business tools that can be used to compete in today’s market.

AIgeeked.com provides you with all of the essential AI tools for operating an internet business.

There are many different types of AI business tools that can be used to build, grow and market websites and online businesses. AIgeeked has done the research for you an compiled an extensive database of useful AI tools for business.

On AIgeeked.com you will find expert reviews of the most important AI tools to use for building & growing your online business. Learn about incredibly useful & powerful tools for AI Marketing and AI Content Generation for copywriting, video and image creation.

AIgeeked Reviews​

Learn how AIgeeked.com has helped business owners to grow their business and increase productivity levels by 10X.

“AIgeeked is an excellent resource for online businesses looking to leverage Artificial Intelligence software for rapid business growth. I found AI business tools for content writing and image creation that helped me grow my business more quickly. “

Camille Valencia

Owner at CamilleTime.com

“I can’t get enough of AIgeeked.com because they’ve helped me to grow my affiliate program business and get more clients and green affiliates signing up to our program.”

Ryan Michael Jones

Owner & Founder at GreenAffiliatePrograms.net

“There is no better place on the internet to learn about AI marketing automation tools for our technology blog.”

James Goggins​

Media Buyer at TrustGeeky.com

What AIgeeked Can Do for You!​

To put it simply, AIgeeked.com will help you find the essential AI tools to use for operating a successful website or online business.

AIgeeked is on a mission to be the ultimate resource for business owners and digital marketers looking to increase traffic and grow their businesses with AI software & business tools.

On AIgeeked.com you will learn all about artificial intelligence and how you can utilize it to build a successful business.

There are a large number of different business automation tools powered by Artificial Intelligence software.

We’ll provide in-depth expert reviews of the most important AI business tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Come to AIgeeked for the latest AI software reviews for business.

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Learn all about the most powerful and useful AI software tools to build, grow and market your business.

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AIgeeked is inspired to help businesses and content creators understand the emerging world of artificial intelligence technologies such as AI text generator tools, AI art generator tools & AI video creators/editors.