ChatGPT-5 Statistics & Release Date

GPT-5 Statistics: 17 Trillion Words, Release Date

OpenAI released GPT-4 on March 14th 2023. Microsoft was granted first outside access to the GPT-4 model in February 2023, proving their $10 Billion investment in OpenAI was an insightful & forward thinking investment into the future of artificial intelligence.

OpenAI ChatGPT

GPT-5 Statistics

The stock of high-quality language data is estimated to range from 4.6 trillion to 17 trillion words. These estimates suggest that high-quality data will be close to exhaustion between 2024 and 2027.

What do we know about the upcoming release of GPT-5? Let me explain what I’ve discovered and fact-checked about ChatGPT 5.

The big question on everyone’s mind is how large is the GPT-5 dataset it was pretrained on? The only thing that can be confirmed is Sam Altman is keeping tight lipped about GPT-5 during his recent world tour. The only quote I can confirm Altman made regarding ChatGPT-5 is “OpenAI is not pretraining GPT-5” at the moment.

The OpenAI CEO and Co-Founder has been on an exhaustive tour (literally around the world), meeting with world Government leaders discussing important issues regarding the AI software development guidelines potential regulations on artificially intelligent technology. Here’s the key data points from the international tour meetings.

Here are some of the latest GPT-5 stats from Google SGE:

  • High-quality data
    The stock of high-quality language data is estimated to range from 4.6 trillion to 17 trillion words. These estimates suggest that high-quality data will be close to exhaustion between 2023 and 2027.
  • Data analysis
    GPT-5 can quickly analyze large amounts of data, find patterns, and extract insights. This can help businesses make decisions and implement data-driven strategies.
  • Model Accuracy
    GPT-5’s ability to predict future outcomes is expected to be more accurate and sophisticated.
  • GPT 5 AGI
    It seems likely that GPT-5 may already include AGI capabilities internally, though its public release is uncertain

Sam Altman’s ChatGPT World Tour Statistics

Date of VisitCityCountryLeader MetPositionMeeting LocationKey Topics
June 8, 2023TokyoJapanFumio KishidaPrime MinisterKeio UniversityAI technology, Safe AGI, Japan’s global cooperation
June 9, 2023SeoulSouth KoreaYoon Suk-yeolPresidentUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 10, 2023New DelhiIndiaNarendra ModiPrime MinisterUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 11, 2023JerusalemIsraelIsaac HerzogPresidentUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 12, 2023AmmanJordanKing Abdullah IIMonarchUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 14, 2023DohaQatarSheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al ThaniRulerUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 15, 2023Abu DhabiUAEMohammad bin Zayed Al NahyanPresidentUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 16, 2023SingaporeSingaporeLee Hsien LoongPrime MinisterUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 17, 2023JakartaIndonesiaJoko WidodoPresidentUnknownAI technology, global cooperation
June 18, 2023CanberraAustraliaAnthony AlbanesePrime MinisterUnknownAI technology, global cooperation

Please note that exact dates of the visits to each city are not provided for the full-tour. I’ve estimated the dates for cities based on the information that all visits happened within two weeks. The meeting locations for most of the OpenAI meets are also not specified yet. I’ll be adding exact OpenAI world tour meeting locations once I’ve gathered the complete accurate details.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, Embarks on Global Diplomatic Tour

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, said “the world wants A.I. and the market will deliver” according to CNBC, while on an extensive international tour visiting numerous countries and meeting with various world leaders, students, and venture capitalists. The tour included stops in Israel, Jordan, Qatar, the UAE, India, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. During his travels, Altman advocated for global cooperation in making AI technology safer and promoting more exchanges between Chinese and American researchers.

Altman’s tour comes at a time when AI technology like ChatGPT is a hot topic globally, with governments striving to balance innovation and regulation. Altman has been leveraging his interactions with global governments to seek more favorable regulation for OpenAI. He has previously criticized the EU’s AI legislation and has been lobbying against having OpenAI’s models classified as “high risk.”

Altman has also been proactive in engaging with policymakers, a move seen as a learning curve from the experiences of other Big Tech CEOs. He has urged governments to collaborate with companies like OpenAI to regulate AI and mitigate its potential risks. Critics, however, argue that Altman’s regulatory proposals could favor larger companies like OpenAI that have the resources to comply with regulations.

What date will OpenAI release Chat GPT-5?

The GPT-5 release date is still undetermined. Regarding the fast progression from the GPT-3 model to 3.5 and now to ChatGPT 4, the amount of substantial model growth and improvement in GPT’s content accuracy, and fewer hallucinations, has been super impressive with each new version released.

So… How good will ChatGPT 5 really be?

The information presented from here forward is based on my personal opinion and anticipated GPT-5 release date ranges. These are not statistics that follow to be clear. This is how I see it developing based on my experience creating social media networks going back to 2007:

GPT-4 was supposed to be multimodal according the OpenAI’s official GPT-4 release notes. However, ChatGPT-5 looks to be brining text-to-video AI generation to the model. This will be another game-changer from OpenAI.

I forecast (predict) that OpenAI will set the GPT-5 release date sometime between October 2023 – December 2023.

Exploring the latest developments and statistics surrounding GPT-5 and its predecessors offers a fascinating glimpse into the rapid evolution of large language models (LLMs) by OpenAI. Here’s a comprehensive overview based on the most current information available:

GPT-5 Development and Expectations

GPT-5 stands as the anticipated next major leap in the progression of OpenAI’s LLMs, following the significant milestones set by its predecessors. Despite limited information, there’s a buzz around its potential capabilities and the advancements it might bring over GPT-4. Initial reports suggested that GPT-5’s training was scheduled to conclude in December, with expectations high for it to achieve groundbreaking results, possibly even approaching artificial general intelligence (AGI). OpenAI has hinted at GPT-4.5 as an intermediate step, launching around September or October 2023, paving the way for GPT-5​​.

GPT 5 Stats and Insights on ChatGPT 5 & GPT-4

  • User Engagement and App Downloads: ChatGPT witnessed a meteoric rise in traffic, achieving 1.6 billion website visitors in December 2023, despite a decrease from the previous month. The launch of ChatGPT apps for iOS and Android saw millions of downloads, indicating the tool’s widespread acceptance and utility across various demographics.
  • Financial Outlook: OpenAI executives are optimistic, predicting a revenue surge to $5 billion by the end of 2024, from a forecasted $200 million by the end of 2023. This projection underscores the significant commercial potential of ChatGPT and its underlying technologies.
  • Technical and Performance Metrics: GPT-4, the predecessor to GPT-5, marked a substantial advancement in AI capabilities, handling over 25,000 words of text for diverse applications. It showcased superior reasoning, with notable achievements in standardized tests such as the Uniform Bar Exam and the Biology Olympiad, among others. Additionally, GPT-4 introduced the ability to process visual inputs, although this feature remains in a research preview stage.

Future Directions

As we await the official release and details of GPT-5, the anticipatory buzz reflects both the community’s high expectations and the potential for transformative impacts across various sectors. The interim updates, such as GPT-4.5, offer glimpses into the incremental improvements OpenAI continues to make in pursuit of more sophisticated, accurate, and safe AI models. The trajectory from GPT-3 to GPT-4, and now towards GPT-5, illustrates a remarkable journey of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in understanding and generating human-like text.

This dynamic landscape of generative AI models underscores a relentless pursuit of enhancement in capabilities, safety, and alignment with human values, setting the stage for GPT-5 to possibly redefine the benchmarks for AI excellence once again.

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