Chat GPT 4 Statistics, Release Date

GPT-4 Statistics: 100 Trillion Parameters, Release Date

OpenAI officially released GPT 4 to the public on March 14th 2023. Microsoft, the largest investor in OpenAI, had early access to GPT 4 in February 2023.

I was originally estimating we would see GPT-4 in the middle of the year 2023 based on several StictlyVC video interviews I’ve closely watched interviewing Sam Altman.

He specifically said, several times, that he’s going to release developments slowly over time and he recognized that it will most likely be happening slower than the public is begging for.

I’ve been building websites and writing about the internet in one from or another since the year 2001. That’s a long time spent researching the web and making it my life. Needless to say I’m very excited with all of the progress we’ve seen in AI with Chat GPT in particular since its November 30, 2022 release date.

In this GPT 4 Statistics Report I’ll be compiling all the data, facts and GPT-4 news updates as they progress with development of OpenAI’s GPT4 language model. Page updated on 5/18/2023.

GPT-4 Statistics

GPT 4 Statistics & Release Date Projections

Official GPT 4 Exams Score Statistics from OpenAI:

Simulated examsGPT-4estimated percentileGPT-4 (no vision)estimated percentileGPT-3.5estimated percentile
Uniform Bar Exam (MBE+MEE+MPT)1298 / 400~90th298 / 400~90th213 / 400~10th
SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing710 / 800~93rd710 / 800~93rd670 / 800~87th
SAT Math700 / 800~89th690 / 800~89th590 / 800~70th
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Quantitative163 / 170~80th157 / 170~62nd147 / 170~25th
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Verbal169 / 170~99th165 / 170~96th154 / 170~63rd
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Writing4 / 6~54th4 / 6~54th4 / 6~54th
USABO Semifinal Exam 202087 / 15099th–100th87 / 15099th–100th43 / 15031st–33rd
USNCO Local Section Exam 202236 / 6038 / 6024 / 60
Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program75%75%53%
Codeforces Rating392below 5th392below 5th260below 5th
AP Art History586th–100th586th–100th586th–100th
AP Biology585th–100th585th–100th462nd–85th
AP Calculus BC443rd–59th443rd–59th10th–7th

1. GPT-4 Training Data Of 100 Trillion Parameters (Confirmed False by Sam Altman)

It has been widely reported on Towards Data Science and nearly every major tech publication that GPT-4 model has been trained on 100 trillion parameters. This is confirm a rumor by Sam Altman. OpenAI has not provided the size of the datasets GPT-4 was trained on to the public.
If the rumor had turned out to be true, that’s massive amounts of data and approximately 571 times larger than GPT-3’s training data size of 175 billion parameters. We’re still waiting on confirmation as to the actual number of GPT 4 training parameters.
While OpenAI has not publicly confirmed the accuracy of the data training parameters amount, Sam Altman said “that’s complete bullshit” in a recent StrictlyVC interview from Jan 27, 2023, in reference to the 100 trillion parameters rumor that’s floating around the web. Altman added that people are likely to be disappointed and OpenAI does not yet have an AGI.

2. The GPT-4 Release Date: March 14th 2023 (Official Release)

In the recent Sam Altman interview with StrictlyVC on YouTube, he specifically said, several times, that he’s going to release developments slowly over time. (or watch the complete video at bottom of page)
OpenAI released ChatGPT on the 30th of November, 2022. So, that was exactly two months ago at the time of this original publishing. I was thinking at least a minimum of 6 months development and testing is required before upgrading to GPT-4. I developed two social networks in the past and 6 months was usually a good benchmark interval for measuring progress between releases. (Update: I was wrong about that. It turns out OpenAI released GPT 4 on March 14 2023.
My original projection was that if not released in the middle 2023 then my projection would shift the GPT 4 release date to the end of 2023, giving it two separate 6 months windows/cycles of testing & development which makes a lot of sense given the gravity & magnitude of this upcoming and anticipated Chat GPT 4 release. (Update: Another correction given the surprisingly early release of Chat GPT 4 in March of 2023.
Microsoft Bing announced their limited integration of GPT-4 into their search engine on Feb 7, 2023.

3. GPT-4 Won’t Be Much Bigger Than GPT-3

GPT 4 could have around 175B-280B parameters, much like Deepmind’s Gopher language model: according to a Datacamp’s Chat GPT 4 report.
According to “During the Q&A, Altman said that the GPT-4 won’t be multimodal like DALL-E. It will be a text-only model.

4. Sam Altman confirms that OpenAI is working on a video model

According to Rojer Montti of Search Engine Journal in January 20, 2023 “Altman was emphatic that OpenAI would not release GPT-4 until they were assured that it was safe“.
Sam Altman was interviewed by StrictlyVC, where he has confirmed that OpenAI is indeed working on a AI video model.
The OpenAI video project was not said to be a component of GPT-4.

5. Microsoft launches a new Bing search engine, with ChatGPT built in

“It’s a new day for search,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on February 7th, 2023.
Microsoft officially announced its integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI model into the new Bing search engine.
Bing’s aim is to provide a ChatGPT style user experience within the newly remodeled search engine.
There is still no word from OpenAI as to what date ChatGPT will move over to the GPT-4 transformer model.

According to Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch“The new experience is now live on Bing, but it’s still somewhat limited. For the full experience, you’ll have to get on the waitlist.”

This Chat GPT 4 Statistics Report is brief for now as the facts on GPT-4 are still coming each day & week that passes.

I will continue updating this page with more statistics and keep it current with the latest GPT-4 stats to come available in 2023.

My mission of AIgeeked is to educate people on the opportunities and various AI software options available to them for running their businesses more successfully in the new era of artificial intelligence (AI) that’s upon us.

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts in the post. I’d love to hear from my readers 🙂

How big of a change do you expect we’ll see from the OpenAI GPT-4 release?

OpenAI GPT 4 Stats

GPT-4 Stats Summary

There aren’t many hard GPT 4 stats yet as Altman and OpenAI are keeping a tight lip for now.

I’ve gathered the available OpenAI data from the public web and will continue to update this page daily.

Bookmark now to return back any time you get Chat GPT users curiosity.


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