Google Chatbot Apprentice Bard - A Good ChatGPT Alternative

Google Chatbot Apprentice Bard, Good ChatGPT Alternative Coming Soon!

In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the battle of Chat GPT vs Google’s Chatbot Apprentice Bard.

Will chatbot Bard be a good alternative to ChatGPT? Keep reading to find out…

Google Chatbot Apprentice Bard vs ChatGPT

While most everyone under the sun has been raging about ChatGPT in the past few months, Google has been preparing to roll out it’s ChatGPT alternative called Apprentice Bard.

In my opinion, the internet’s missing the big story, which is, Google is a world leader in AI.

Google’s Apprentice Bard Will be a Good ChatGPT Alternative

There’s no doubt in my opinion that Google’s chatbot Apprentice Bard is going to be a really good ChatGPT alternative once they open it up for public use in the coming weeks or months (we don’t yet know when the Google Chatbot Bard will be released).

While at first glance it might have initially seemed that Chat GPT could become a threat to Google, its not quite that simple after all.

Google has been leading the world in development of artificial intelligence technologies for more than a decade and they don’t have plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Remember When Google’s Deepmind AlphaGo AI Defeated World Champion Lee Sedol in Go?

Google’s AlphaGo was an AI event that was seen as a major game changer & catalyst when its AlphaGO AI system defeated the world’s #1 Go player Lee Sedol in the Google DeepMind Challenge Go match on the dates of March 9th through March 15th 2016.

Before this, everyone believed that an AI software system couldn’t beat a human at the game of Go because they’re are so many move possibilities and human strategic reasoning involved in the gameplay.

But that’s exactly what Google’s Deepmind AlphaGo did – it beat the 18 times world champion of Go at his own game – and it shocked the world! Don’t be surprised of Chatbot Apprentice Bard does the same thing and upsets ChatGPT – becoming the leader in AI chatbot technology.

Apprentice Bard Will be an Impressive Alternative to ChatGPT, if not a Superior Chatbot

Do you think Google is going to sit back and let ChatGPT start taking search market share? Don’t count on it.

Google means business and their AI technology is cutting edge and best in class.

Time will tell how Google’s chatbot stacks up against Chat GPT.

But for me as a betting man, I’ve got my money on Google’s Apprentice Bard shocking the world in the same way that AlphaGo did when it upset Lee Sedol at playing the 2016 Deepmind challenge matchup in the game of Go.

Chatbot Bard is likely to be far more impressive than current media attention makes it seem.

Apprentice Bard vs ChatGPT

Apprentice Bard vs Chat GPT FAQ

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